Gift ideas for outdoorsmen 2021

Great gift ideas for outdoorsmen 2021.

New for Glow in the dark hand held Knife sharpener. A must have for every outdoorsmen.

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  • Knife sharpeners for sale
    Glow in the dark Sharpener/Red Anti-slip grip
    Product on sale
  • knife sharpener
    New patent Glow in dark Knife sharpener with Blue Anti slip grip Grip.
    Product on sale
  • Glow in the dark knife sharpeners
    New Patent Glow in dark knife sharpener with Black anti slip grip.
    Product on sale
  • Hunting knife sharpener
    New patent Orange Knife Sharpener With Black non-Slip Grip
    Product on sale
  • knife sharpener
    New patent Black Knife Sharpener with Yellow anti-slip grip.
    Product on sale
  • glow in the dark knife sharpener
    New patent Glow in the Dark Knife Sharpener with Yellow Anti-Slip Grip.


New glow in the dark knife sharpener 2021.

Our new glow in the dark knife sharpener is a must have for every outdoorsmen. This glow sharpener makes a great portable handheld knife sharpener to take along with you in your bug out bag or for your tackle box.

What can they Sharpen ? You can sharpen your Kitchen knives, Pocket knives, Hunting knives, Hatchets, Swords, Scissors and odd shaped cutting edges, like Convex edges, Snake blades, Hawk bills and Serrated edges..

What makes Block’s Knife sharpener different? Our Knife sharpeners are made to hone your blades. You will find honing your blades is much better for you knives. Your knives will last you longer and you will not void warrantee on well made knives..

How do they work? Block sharpeners are a patent handheld knife sharpener that’s honing rods are made to adjust. So when you draw your blades threw the honing rods they will adjust to your knifes edge. (So they Hone) You will find this takes the guess work out of sharpening knives. and you can only make your blades sharper.

Not sure how to use it ? See the website on the Knife sharpener handle. We have lots of How to video’s to teach you the proper way..

Sport show in Gaylord Michigan 2019

Stay sharp with the Block Knife sharpener.

Stay sharp
Stay Sharp, If your not sharp your dull.

Block’s Knife sharpeners come in many colors, all our knife sharpeners work the same.

Visit our website ( learn more about sharpening knives with our knife sharpener.

Order your self and a friend Patent Block knife sharpener online. More you order the (Free shipping) Visit our sister at to learn more.

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