Black knife sharpener for sale with Black nonslip thumb grip.


All Black Block knife sharpener with nonslip grip over the thumb grip.


Knife sharpener for sale

Stay sharp knife sharpener.

What can this stay sharp knife sharpener sharpen?

They can sharpen any cutting edges.  Blocks all black knife sharpener has a unique flex design made in the knife sharpeners handle that allow the honing rods to adjust to your knife edge. There for you can only make your knives sharper when drawing your blades threw the Honing rods. We can sharpen your Kitchen knives, Pocketknives, Hunting knives, Swords, Daggers, Hatchets, Machetes, Scissor and any style serrated edges. See how to video’s on our sight.

What types of cutting edges can you sharpen? 

You will find with our unique flex design you can sharpen many different types of cutting edges. Like all V -shaped edges form 17 Degrees to 28 Degrees, Convent edges, Serrated edges, Scissor edges and odd shaped edges like found on Snake shaped Daggers and hawk bills.    Block sharpener review and demonstration.    http://                                                                                                     

Safety Features found only on our new model Sharpener.

Knife sharpener

Stay sharp and safe with Block new patent non slip grip thumb grip.

 Block Knife sharpener handle has a new patent non-slip grip over shot added to bottom and top side of the knife sharpener, The Black ring you see in this image around our name (Block sharpener) is to give you great grip when using them slippery surfaces. We also added our non- slip grip over the thumb grip and guard on the top side. This thumb grip gives you great control when sharpening knives off the edge of table or in hands. Block Knife sharpener for sale,  Sharpens Pocket knives,  Sharpens Kitchen knives and is made in America. (1)

Knife sharpener for sale online

Block knife sharpeners are made by Paul and wife Billie jo Block in Weeki Wachee Florida. 34614, any question about knife sharpeners or questions about sharpening knives, e-mail us at (

Additional information

Knife sharpener for sale online

New Nonslip grip on sharpener handle.

1 review for Black knife sharpener for sale with Black nonslip thumb grip.

  1. pwsadmin

    James Ripley Jr.
    5.0 out of 5 stars Buy this now
    Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2020
    Verified Purchase
    I’ve been on the prowl for a knife sharpener for a while now and have always held back, for various reasons, price, a bad review, where the item hailed from, size etc. Then I watched a video on the Block Sharpener and most of my concerns were or seemed to be addressed so I took a chance. I have been rewarded. This nifty little device is everything I wanted, made in America, well reviewed, simple, inexpensive, compact and most of all effective. It does take a little time to truly master but chalk that up to sweat equity if you want. Once you master this little jem you’ll end up sharpening every blade in your house whether it really needs it or not, next will come singing the praises of your prize to any and all who’ll hold still long enough to let you blabber on about it. In two short words…BUY ONE, in three words…BUY ONE…TODAY. I can’t say more than that.

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